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Q: Does DangleGrip come with grips for both the front and back of the blade? Does it work for left and right hand shot blades?

A: Each set comes with both the front and back grips. They will work for left or right handed blades.

Q: Why is my DangleGrip peeling or chipping off?
A: It is crucial that you heat DangleGrip onto your blade following the instructions given. Doing so will insure maximum adhesion. We have found that correctly applying DangleGrip insures the grip will last at least 10 skates.

Q: Is DangleGrip waterproof?
A: Yes, water will not affect the durability or performance of the grip. But, just like tape as the ice gets chopped up the snow/ice will accumulate. If this occurs, while on the bench just lay your hand over the frozen spots for a few seconds to melt the ice. Do not rub your skin over the grip.

Q: Is DangleGrip easy to remove?
A: Yes, Dangle grip is designed with a one piece base, which makes removal easy as it comes off just like a high quality sticker.

Q: Do you offer custom patterns?
A: We designed DangleGrip to fit most retail blade patterns. In the event you have a pattern that is not ideal for the stock shape a simple snip with household scissors should do the trick. If you would like to customize your own design send us an email and we will ship you an oversized blank for no additional charge.

Q: What color options do you offer?
A: We specifically designed DangleGrip clear so it would be as thin as possible, to insure maximum puck feel as well as keep a professional look.

Q: Ever since I started using DangleGrip I have been able to pull off world class dangles I could never have dreamed of before, how should I react to all my new adoring fans?
A: Unfortunately we cannot control the level of stardom you may achieve from our product. If this happens quickly email [Ryan at]. You guys will have a lot in common.


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