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"The Business" - Billy Coa

- A.K.A: Hero, William, Billy
- Favorite Dance: Da Field Goal
- Favorite Drink: RC Cola
- Team/where I play: Grey Team Las Vegas Ice Center
- Favorite Skates: Bauer One80s, CCM Vector Pro Reloaded
- Favorite Stick: Easton S19
- Favorite Part of the Game: The Poke Check
- Dog's Name: Cheddar/Ched
- Email:



"The Producer" - Brandon LoGuercio

- A.K.A: Scenario, Dino, Brandon, Dick
- Favorite Wild Animal: Duck
- Favorite Shirt: Any Grey Vneck
- Team/where I play: USA Representive Australian Cup Team
- Favorite Food: El Indio Bean Burrito/Ethopian Food
- Favorite Skates: Bauer TotalOnes
- Favorite Stick: Pro Stock Getzlaf
- Favorite Part of the Game: Hitting
- Email:



"The Talent" - Ryan Bahl

- A.K.A: Bahler, Bahlsac, Ryan
- Favorite Food: Sprinkles
- Favorite Shot: Back-hand, top shelf
- Team/where I play: 
SKLH Žďár nad Sázavou Czech2 / USA Representive Australian Cup Team
- Favorite Food: Sushi and Crepes
- Favorite Skates: Easton EQ50s
- Favorite Stick: Easton RS
- Favorite Part of the Game: Scoring and the Celly
- Email:



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